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KitDel Auto-Sift Breading Table

Designed by one of the most successful BWB fried chicken franchises in the United States – Champs Chickenif you are a professional then you need what the pros use!

If you are serious about the quality and consistency of your products, this is a must. With the perfect set up, over 35+ years of commercial kitchen equipment experience behind the design, it makes breading a breeze. The automatic, quiet sifter saves you time and money and ensures you maintain a quality, consistent coat of breading every time! Watch our video breakdown:

The Best Breading Table There Is! Here’s why:

Entirely closed blender/sifter assembly constructed from durable stainless steel, employing a rotary sifter mechanism that operates without vibration or agitation. Spirally-configured nylon bristles form a rotary auger that ejects unwanted dough balls to a separate waste container.

This unique process prevents the grinding of dough balls through the sifter screen, reduces usual sifting noise, and mixes the breading ingredients as it sifts. Whether you are using custom fish breading or chicken breading you get quality, consistent breading!

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